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Delgrast – Synths, Vocals
Vilozof – Guitars, Vocals
Nargil – Guitars
Daddar – Bass
Svjatogor – Drums

Past Members: Andrej – bass (2012–2013), Daddar – bass (2008–2011), Grinder – guitars (2008), Gortauth – vocals (2008)


Chapter I


Nevaloth is a black metal band from Zvolen, Slovakia.

It was founded in July 2008, when the first line-up met and the first rehearsal place was found. This horde consisted of Delgrast (keyboards), Nargil (guitar), Daddar (bass), Svjatogor (drums), Grinder (guitar) and Gortauth (vocals). In this line-up, Nevaloth played the first songs composed by Delgrast almost a year before, as well as covers from the early era of Dimmu Borgir and Mayhem.

In September 2008 Gortauth and Grinder left the band, the first one because of not approving himself and the second one because of varying opinions on the band's musical style. Various alternatives were tried until Delgrast decided to take the post of the vocalist as well as of the keyboard player.

In December 2008, Nevaloth found its new member Vilozof, who had taken the post of a guitarist and the black metal machine could roll forward again. Subsequently the band has immediately started to prepare for the first gigs, as well as to work on new material.

Chapter II


On 6th February 2009, Nevaloth played its first live show at Underworld Winter Fest in Továrniky. Four months later on 6th June 2009, Nevaloth showed its skills at legendary Tartaros in Banská Bystrica, where numerous metal gigs took place, thanks to which other offerings to play came up.

In October 2009, the first demo named Karneval Babylonu (Carnival of Babylon) was recorded, consisting of 5 older songs with lo-fi black metal sound.

In December 2009 and February 2010, Nevaloth entered the studio and recorded their first full length record named La Diabolica Commedia, which was released later that year in May by Sonic Temple Records.

Songs composed after finishing La Diabolica Commedia are written by the whole band, compared to the early songs, they are more technical and progressive, with a whole scale of sounds and the guitar parts that are more sophisticated. Vilozof also takes some vocal parts, as well as clean vocals.

Chapter III


After the release of La Diabolica Commedia, most of the members dedicated a lot of time to other musical activities, including several side projects. Daddar left Nevaloth in November 2011 and since then the band was looking for a new bass player.

In autumn 2012, the band found a new bass player Andrej (ex-Byč) and started recording their new twisted album, The Antagonist. Nevaloth decided not to use a professional studio, but rather a pure fucking DIY black metal approach. Recording and production of album took almost year to finish.

The Antagonist was released as a digital album in December 2013 and as a limited edition CD in June 2014 by Sonic Temple Records.

Chapter IV


In May 2014, Daddar joins back as a bass player and the band continues in playing live, including a concert with The Trve Mayhem in Bratislava on 26th May 2014.